5 star rating
My search for ‘good-looking’ safety flooring that was also low on price ended when I found out about FFI. I contacted them through their toll-free number and since I was very confused I asked them to send someone over. To my delight and surprise the man turned up at my office within the promised 72 hours and by the end of the 2nd week, the product was installed. My office was now safe, with less noise and I could keep the flooring below safe. I owe it all to FFI. Keep up the good work guys.

By – Dheeraj, Rohtak

5 star rating
My factory was experiencing a lot of static current issues; we were also concerned that there could be an electric shock to people walking on the floor because of all the wires lying about. For a long time, we couldn’t come with a solution. Then on a visit to an expo in Delhi I came across the FFI stand, after a few hours of discussion I was offered two solution industrial strength rubber rolls and rubber tiles which were about 10-12 mm in thickness, I chose the latter. Today my factory has the best safety flooring in place, the people at FFI told me I don’t even have to worry about logistics and they will get the stuff delivered and installed without a sweat. I can place any time of heavy machinery and the flooring is still intact. The people at FI know their stuff and know how to keep a promise. 5 stars to you.

By – P.Vasudeva, Mangalore

5 star rating
Once I opened up my kids’ playschool I knew that the first thing I had to do was to have safety flooring in place, but I also wanted the flooring to catch the imagination of those little feet that would run on that flooring. The colors of the flooring had to match the energy of the children and then there was the issue of the outdoor play area, I didn’t even know if there was any flooring that could last outside, the cost of all this was worrying me to no extent. While scrolling online I came across a name: Fab Floorings India, the website had details about play area flooring and I decided to call them. I had a meeting with their experts and within a few hours, I was offered a solution: Colorful snazzy rubber tiles for indoors and playground rubber flooring for the outside. The color combinations were just outstanding and are still as vibrant as they were when they were installed despite the weather, would recommend them to everyone.

By – Vaishali, Chennai

5 star rating
My startup had just rented up office space in Mumbai, and the whole place was done up in beautiful floorings. But being a startup we were on a budget we knew that if we damaged the flooring we would end up paying a lot when we left the place, all our brainstorming sessions came to naught. One day someone suggested rubber-based flooring and the first thing I found on the net was FFI, from there on it was pretty easy sailing, a site visit, discussion, and the deal was done. The paper cut rubber flooring not only matched the color of our office it also added a certain element of safety for the staff and also ensured that we won’t be handing out a huge amount of money to our landlord for damages. On-time delivery and great customer service are the backbones for any business and we at startups know the importance of it more than anyone, FFI did both of these in a thoroughly professional manner. Kudos to them.

By – L.P. Sawant, Mumbai

5 star rating
Opening up a boutique hotel was my dream and it took me 6 years to fulfill it, nestled in the hills overlooking spectacular views I wanted to give my guests the experience of a lifetime. But my gym, yoga, and meditation center had one problem cold floors, I could add heaters but that would mean closing up the doors and windows: blocking out fresh clean mountain air and that’s exactly what my guests come looking for. The electricity bill would have gone up a lot too. One of my friends suggested FFI, after getting in touch with them I was hooked onto their Rubber rolls; they even offered me a color of my choice to help create a great ambiance for the guests. The rubber flooring was great for the gym and yoga too as it was not susceptible to weather changes plus there was no smell. All in all, I am a happy hotelier and a happy customer.

By – V.Pradhan, Dhanaulti

5 star rating
Ever since I was hooked onto fitness I knew that this was my passion and I would help others get fir too, opening my gym was a step in this direction. I bought a place in a commercial building and having known about FFI from the place where I used to work out before I called on them to help me design a color theme for my gym along with the installation of safety flooring. They pointed out a problem to me: since my gym was in a building an I was going to play loud music as gyms usually do I was sure to get complaints about noise pollution which could lead to further problems. They came back to me with a brilliant solution, the rubber rolls could be installed on the walls and interlocking rubber tiles could be installed on the floor with a standard 12mm thickness for both. This would ensure that the noise would not escape the gym and the floors below or above would not hear even a whisper. The installation along with a brilliant color coordination theme from wall to floor along with amazing equipment has made me a very happy gym owner and I am now hoping to open up a second branch. God Bless you.

By – Harsimrat, Delhi

4 star rating
My shortage of time led me to the idea of creating a home gym, but I was worried about my expensive flooring and I also wanted really good equipment. I won’t lie, I went through a whole list of companies but in the end, it was only the people at Fab Floorings India who could design rubber-based flooring that actually enhanced the atmosphere of my work-out room, the colors blended right into the wall colors and my expensive flooring was now safe too. On top of it, they also provided me with some amazing gym equipment at really great prices. Would recommend them any day.

By – Zulfikar, Goa

5 star rating
I run a Zumba, dance, aerobic and yoga center. I needed flooring that was not only safe but also let my member perform their routines without any extra friction which would stop the fluid movement. FFI came through with the best possible solution of paper cut flooring that allows m member to dance their heart away and even falling sweat is not an issue as just a moist mop is enough to clean the surface. The flooring also protects anyone from getting injured when they fall. My members have been complimenting me for the safety and environment of the place and I owe it all to FFI. Thank you, guys!!!

By – DVibha, Trivandrum

5 star rating
I run a cross- fitness center combined with a gymming experience; there are several exercises that are performed like, tyre throws, rope resistance runs, short spurts of running, Rope delt exercises, lunges with kettle weights and many more. The problem was all this was creating a lot of impact on the cement flooring and there was a also a risk of injury if anyone were to slip or fall. After checking out things online I came upon a rubber flooring solution and contacted FFI, the lady at the other end was prompt and Mr. Pawan saved the day for me when he installed gym flooring with precision and without wasting anytime. I think you guys are fabulous.

By – Robert, Pune

5 star rating
Truly magnificent and at the top of their game, FFI is a classic example of expert advice, quality assurance and timely deliver. I can now stand in my flower shop all day and still feel relaxed and my staff can run about doing their tasks without having to walk on a hard floor all day, to top it off we don’t need to worry about expensive cleaning chemicals , just a broom and a mop does the job. You guys have saved me a tone of money and time and made my staff very happy, bless you all and keep up the good work.

By – Zehra, Surat


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